Her Centre Training:

As the local Independent Domestic and Sexual Advocacy Service In Greenwich, Her Centre provides a range of training courses for professionals, at very reasonable cost. Two of our courses are provided free of charge to locally based public and voluntary sector agencies. Information on the range of courses is below.


Online E-safety:

  • This course is open to practitioners and safeguarding professionals to learn about modern day internet and technology, managing risk and harm to young people and how to keep young people safe from sexual and emotional online exploitation. The course covers the fundamentals of the Sex Offences Act with regards to online sexual exploitation and grooming.
  • The course covers online bullying, sexting and self-generated indecent images, together with how to assist parents and carers to gain more knowledge and confidence in what their children are accessing at home.

This course is free of charge to Greenwich and Bexley public and voluntary sector agencies.


Domestic Abuse Awareness:

This one day course aimed at domestic abuse professionals and those who work with the public, particularly young people and vulnerable adults, within a health and social care framework. This course is particularly helpful to professionals who wish to gain awareness around the psychology of domestic abuse, statutory and voluntary responses to domestic abuse, including the Multi Agency approach and legal and civil remedies.

This course is £750 for up to 12 attendees.


Sexual Violence Awareness:

This one day course is aimed at professionals who wish to gain information and practical skills when assisting those who have disclosed rape and/or sexual abuse in adulthood. The course recognises sexual abuse experienced by children and young people but the main learning objectives for this course predominantly address adult experiences. The course covers prevalence of sexual violence in the present day, legal and criminal responses, and a broad based understanding of myths and attitudes around societal understanding of sexual violence. The course also covers the effects, both physical and psychological, on victims and survivors of rape and sexual assault. There will also be an opportunity to discuss best practice when the professional receives first disclosure from the victim.

This course is £750 for up to 12 attendees.


Young Women and Relationship Abuse:

A half day training aimed at youth workers, teachers, social workers and any professionals who come into contact with young women. The training is part of the New Leaf Young Persons’ project which aims to prevent and support young people who are victims of sexual exploitation and domestic abuse within an intimate or familial relationship. The course will allow the attendee to gain confidence when delivering messages around healthy relationships to young women.

This course is free of charge to Greenwich and Bexley public and voluntary sector agencies.


Forced Marriage:

This one day course is designed by the Home Office and delivered by an authorised trainer. The course is aimed at professionals who encounter children and adults who are at risk of forced marriage. The course covers the legal framework within which the practice of Forced Marriage sits, and what is available for the professional in terms of legal redress and assistance to British citizens within the UK and outside.

This course is free of charge to Greenwich and Bexley public and voluntary sector agencies.


Female Genital Mutilation – a cultural and legal response:

This half day course covers the legal and criminal responses to Female Genital Mutilation. It is primarily for those who work with girls and would like to know how to respond to disclosure. The course also gives insight to cultural and societal issues surrounding FGM, with an opportunity for attendees to discuss the matter in depth. The course uses case studies from Greenwich Borough to illustrate the primary requirements when deciding on making a referral to the appropriate agencies.

This course is £450 for up to 12 attendees.


Self Esteem and Confidence Building 12 week programme:

  • This course is open to the public (women only) and focuses on helping the attendees to first define self-confidence and to recognise that it is a skill that can be gained by practice and determination. No one is ‘born’ with self-confidence.
  • Using cognitive behaviour therapy techniques the attendees can enable themselves to put aside doubt and self-criticism.
  • Some of the issues covered include natural nervousness and anxiety around others’ perceptions of us, continuous catastrophizing, and negative ruminating.
  • This course covers more than just outer confidence but aims to address deeper seated fears and negative thought processes. The course incorporates mindfulness based stress reduction, and aims to help women to build a mindfulness practice which they can continue once the course is finished. This course also helps women to develop and implement plans to achieve their goals, which includes seeking employment, training and volunteering.

This course is offered twice a year free to Greenwich residents


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